A Polyethylene Glycol Modification Reagents and its Preparation and Application/ 一种含有邻苯二醌类官能团的聚乙二醇修饰剂及其制备方法和用途

Mechanisms of oxidized catechol conjugation with unpaired thiol in proteins


A kind of polyethyleneglycol modified dose and its preparation method and application containing Lin Ben diquines functional group.The dressing agent is divided into single-ended polyethyleneglycol modified dose of closing, both ends with polyethyleneglycol modified dose of different functional group of polyethyleneglycol modified dose of functional group and both ends, its application concentrates on modifying the drug with pharmacological activity containing sulfydryl, achieve the purpose that extend half-life period, reduce immunogenicity, or is coupled the purpose of pharmacological active agent as the both ends linker.Polyethyleneglycol modified dose containing adjacent benzene diquinone active function groups has the advantages that pointed decoration sulfydryl, dressing agent hydrolysis resistance be strong, modified outcome is stablized.

Issued on China Patent
Longfu Xu
Longfu Xu
PhD in Biophysics

My research topics focus on exploring DNA-proteins interactions using single-molecule visualization and manipulation techniques, with a big passion for understanding life with physical principles.